Macrogol 3350, sodium chloride, potassium chloride and sodium hydrogen carbonate (also known as macrogol compound oral powder)

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Information for Healthcare Professionals

CosmoCol® is an osmotic laxative that is indicated for the treatment of chronic constipation in adults, the elderly and children aged at least 2 years, and the treatment of faecal impaction in patients aged 5 years or above.


Great choice and range of flavours

When patients demand CHOICE, there is a great choice and range of flavours – PLAIN, ORANGE, LEMON and LIME, ORANGE LEMON and LIME.

When you want a LOW COST BRAND, CosmoCol® offers the biggest choice at a low cost.

CosmoCol® contains:

  • macrogol 3350 13.125g
  • sodium chloride 350.7mg
  • sodium hydrogen carbonate 178.5mg
  • potassium chloride 46.6mg

CosmoCol® availability

The Legal Category is P.

CosmoCol® is EU manufactured and has a 3 year shelf life.

The NHS list price of CosmoCol® is £5.50 (30 sachet pack) and £3.85 (20 sachet pack).

Exclusively stocked and available through Alliance Healthcare, AAH and Phoenix Medical Supplies.

Healthcare Professional leaflets

Patient leaflets

CosmoCol® Patient Leaflet
CosmoCol® Patient Leaflet
CosmoCol® Information for Healthcare Professionals
Information for Healthcare Professionals
Treating Constipation in Adults
Treating Constipation in Adults
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How to Poo

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