1000mg/880IU Calcium/Colecalciferol Chewable Tablets 

Information for Patients

theiCal-D3® is a calcium-vitamin D3 supplement.

It is used – to prevent and treat a lack of calcium and vitamin D in the elderly and to provide for vitamin D and calcium supplementation as supportive treatment for osteoporosis (weaker/brittle bones and joints).


theiCal-D3® is suitable for most Patients

theiCal-D3® is suitable for patients with dietary requirements in that it does not contain nut oil, soya oil or gelatin and is suitable for vegetarians and Halal certified.

theiCal-D3® chewable tablet is a simple once daily dose.

theiCal-D3® is suitable for most patients in that

  • theiCal-D3® can be taken at any time of the day
  • theiCal-D3® can be taken with or without food
  • theiCal-D3® can be taken whole or in two halves

Patients prefer theiCal-D3®

In a real world patient preference survey of 69 patients, comparing theiCal-D3® with Adcal D3®, Calcichew D3 Forte®, Calceos® and Calci-D®, theiCal-D3® was considered to be the best performer on the combined elements taste, chalkiness and convenience.

Ref: Patient preference survey available from Stirling Anglian Pharmaceuticals data on file DOF00224003 v 1.0

theiCal-D3 Survey Results
theiCal-D3® – Information for Patients
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